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Flowmech Products Limited, are specialist manufacturers of cold water booster sets and pressurisation units and are a distributor for Lowara pumps, expansion vessels & dosing pots. We are a company that supports full technical backup for all pump and ancillary products.
The design of our booster sets, is based upon the physical site requirements and building type/diversity to give the very best value engineering solution. Our technical sales office offers timely quotations together with advice & service for all building services related pumps and pumping systems.
Flowmech are distributors for ABS, Wilo & ITT Lowara pumps. Flowmech stock a wide range of RPZ and pressure reducing valves, dosing pots, air and dirt separators and flexible connections.
Flowmech also offers a full commissioning service for our own and other manufacturers' products, these include RPZ with WRAS accredited testers, together with a pump repair service including site removal and return. Our comprehensive technical service and product range make us a 'one stop' source for design, supply, commission and repair of all building services related equipment including booster sets, pressurisation units, expansion vessels, Lowara pumps and other manufacturers pumps.

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*** NEWS ***

CAT 5 Models

Although we have a standard CAT 5 booster model which incorporates a 54 litre tank, we can supply other booster models with category 5 backflow protection.

Large tanks can be mounted above or alongside the booster set. Either single or twin pump models with fixed or variable speeds options.

Navigate through "Products" and select "Cold Water Booster Sets" to see our booster range - including the CAT 5 options.

*** PUMP SALE ***


Manufacturer / Model                   1~/3~   Condition          Price (Inc. VAT)

Grundfos / CR 90/2.2 (11KW)          3~      New - Old Stock     £1,000.00

Grundfos / CR 90/2.2 (11KW)          3~      New - Old Stock     £1,000.00

Grundfos / TP 32/100-4                   3~      New - Old Stock        SOLD

Grundfos / TP 32/100-4                   3~      New - Old Stock        SOLD

Grundfos / TP 32/80-4                     3~      New - Old Stock        £180.00

Grundfos / TP 40/100-4                   3~      New - Old Stock        £240.00

Grundfos / TP 40/100-4                   3~      New - Old Stock        £240.00

Grundfos / TP 40/60-4                     3~      New - Old Stock        SOLD

Grundfos / TP 40/60-4                     3~      New - Old Stock        SOLD

Grundfos / TP 50/90-4                     3~     New - Old Stock        £420.00

Grundfos / TP 50/90-4                     3~     New - Old Stock        £420.00

Lowara / FCE 65-165/75                 3~      New - Old Stock        £480.00

Lowara / FCE 65-165/75                 3~      New - Old Stock        £480.00

Lowara / FHS4 100-160/30              3~      Used But Good         £780.00

Lowara / FHS4 100-160/30              3~      Used But Good          £780.00

Lowara / FHS4 100-160/30              3~      Used But Good          £780.00

Vogel / 100-LMZV-250-USN-75-4     3~      Refurbished              £960.00

Wilo / DL 65/120-4/2                       3~        Refurbished           £420.00

Wilo / DP-E 50/5-28                       3~        Spares                   £180.00

Wilo / DPN 100/315-11/4                3~       Refurbished           £780.00

Wilo 150/180-5.5/4                         3~        Refurbished          £1,000.00


Micro-S Pressurisation Unit

The Micro-S is a compact, wall-hung, pressurisation unit.  It contains possibly the smallest full sized peripheral pump operated pressurisation unit in the UK.

Non-dependant on mains pressure to satisfy the system requirements, the unit is available with the option of a second float valve where mains water pressure is low.

For more details, and a handy 'pdf' download, navigate through "Products" and select "Pressurisation"


New digital variation of the Micro-S

All the features of the Micro-S with the addition of an LED digital display which provides a useful warning for both high pressure and low pressure faults.  This model is very popular with councils.

For more details, and a handy 'pdf' download, navigate through "Products" and select "Pressurisation"


Save space with "tank above" booster sets


Flow Mech provide the perfect solution to the age-old problem of having to meet system requirements working with restricted plant room space.


We offer the option of having water storage tanks mounted above the booster set, either on a one-piece welded frame or, where access is a problem, as a kit-form bolt-together frame.


Cold water storage tanks can also come in two bolt-together halves proving a very feasible solution where access restrictions would otherwise be a stumbling block.


For more details check out the "Products" section of this website - simply choose "Cold Water Booster Sets"